Sony HVR-Z1U HDV CameraEver since my brother purchased a Sony HDV video camera (HVR-Z1U), I've had the desire to somehow get into filming things. I have a few ideas about what I can capture, and hopefully I can get something done during the summer as long as my other web projects don't get in the way. From my recent purchase of the Adobe Master Collection, I now have full access to Premiere and Affter Effects. I have never used these applications but I am very eager to learn.

The things that I have in mind are mostly shorts, but I'd like to work on something a bit longer at some point. Right now, I'm contemplating on how I should distribute the works when completed. There's always YouTube and others like Viddler, Revver, and Vimeo. Maybe I can have my future videos distributed throughout all of them. I don't have any skills in this art whatsoever, so any and all advice on how to get started is welcome.