Apple iPhone SDKThis year's Worldwide Developers Conference hits from June 9th to the 13th. In the first week of March, Apple held the "iPhone Software Roadmap" event that made a huge buzz in the tech world with their future plans. The SDK was released to developers for just under a hundred bucks, and things have been kicking along pretty well since then.

Apple demoed a few applications ranging from games to native applications, as well as some great upgrades to their own applications including exchange server support with Mail. Without getting too much into what was discussed, the idea here is that the possibilities that have been unlocked on the iPhone are phenomenal.

I put together a small list of things that I've missed on my iPhone. They're not exactly the most complicated apps out there, but most of them being the most obvious ones for general use. Check out my list after the jump...

  1. Dictionary & Thesaurus Application.
  2. Unit Converter, just like the widget on OS X.
  3. Tip Calculator: This would be super handy without having to load it in a browser all the time.
  4. Video Recorder: I have taken over 1 thousand photos with the camera since I got my iPhone. If the ability to record video was there, I'd have a feature film by now!
  5. Voice Recorder: Just like the video recorder, having the ability to jot down voice notes really quickly would be awesome. I don't always have time to type something up in Notes when I'm on the go.
  6. Flash Web Support: A feature almost everyone's been complaining about is Flash support! I can't wait to be able to browse a flash based website, or at least view flash videos on websites.
  7. Flash Games & Apps: This would be a great addition especially with Adobe's Flash lite, and the ability to develop all sorts of applications and games for mobile devices.
  8. Word & Excel Compatibility: I've become very comfortable with the iPhone keyboard and I would love to be able to open, edit, and create Word and Excel files on the go. Productivity to the max!

Overall, my list really isn't too much to ask for. I know that from the things that I've seen created in 2 weeks time, making a simple dictionary application and voice recorder won't be too hard. I trust that Apple is paying attention, and if not, the developers sure are!