Provide FeedbackMost people don't realize how important feedback is to develop worthy software. Whether the feedback is to report a bug, or to ask for software features and enhancements, they all serve a valuable purpose. I am promoting the idea of giving feedback because I have good experiences with it. Because of my 2 minutes that I took to ask for a certain feature or bug fix, they have been addressed accordingly, and I (amongst many others) are happy.

The main reason why I am writing this post is because iPhone Safari has been getting on my nerves all too much. Ever since the release day of the iPhone, Safari was never able to maintain browsing multiple websites at once without all the pages resetting and having to reload. This is very aggravating especially when I'm chatting. I can't ever click a link and browse around for a couple of minutes without my BeeJive website blanking out and having to reload. More after the jump...

I rely on the EDGE data network very much, disregarding the fact that it's quite slow. Having to reload my pages and a lot of times requiring me to log back into my services is quite annoying. I've been dealing with this for over 10 months and I am completely fed up! I know this can be fixed so easily by Apple developers, but I don't understand why. Maybe it's because not enough people have given feedback for them to realize the magnitude of this problem - And yes, this happens with every iPhone.

I know that most of you reading this blog have had minor issues with a few programs and haven't done anything about it. Most people think that their feedback doesn't matter and probably doesn't even get looked at, but it's not true! Almost every company or application has a section for user feedback that they check frequently. It exists for a reason; to improve product and service quality - it must if you want them to stay in business. Use it!