Amazon.comIt was recently reported over at that Amazon is suing New York over a new law that requires online companies to collect taxes from customers. Being a New York resident, it sucks to find this out since I do shop at places like Amazon and Amazon is arguing that it's unfair and against the commerce law of the constitution, while New York is saying that it closes a loophole. Personally, I think this was done to insure residents of New York (and other states) to pay taxes and not report purchases made online when it's that time of the year.

I guess having family or friends in a nearby state won't be doing you any good for much longer. I'd hope that the suing does result in New York pulling back the law that was passed, but I doubt it would go that way. Government officials want taxes saying that they fund city-wide projects and such, but I have to yet to see any improvements worth mentioning. With the possible $50 Million gain in taxes for New York, I expect it to be put into good use like cleaning up the city and improving the environment. What can I say? I have high hopes.