Wired Magazine CoverThis is an age old topic that's been on my mind for the longest time. Magazines - are they really worth subscribing and holding on to? In the past I've subscribed to a single video game magazine, and now I am subscribed to MacLife which is an Apple oriented magazine. My main concern here is the fact that there are million of magazines being distributed around the world every single day. All this paper comes from somewhere (trees!), and goes somewhere when they're disposed (landfills!).

These days with the internet, the moment you receive your magazine in the mail, the news and articles are already history - that's the disadvantage. The advantage of magazines, though, is the fact that you can take it anywhere and read it without the use of an electronic device. Also, on the plus side, if you're not exactly the news-junky, some outdated info won't hurt you too much.

So yea, the magazine business is a multi billion dollar industry ranging from Hollywood gossip to Pornography, and Automobiles to the latest Tech stuff. How much of an effect is this all having on our environment with all the paper that's being used? Chances are, most recipients of these magazines don't dispose them properly. Portable Readers are becoming pretty popular these days, being able to carry everything from the latest news, to your Harry Potter collection. These are worthy investments in the long run, and reduce your carbon footprint by a good deal - although, when will our world be ready for the conversion to digital, if at all?