Earth Day FlagWell, it's that time of the year again - April 22nd, the day we recognize as the one to spread environmental awareness, and knowledge on how to be friendlier to our earth. For over 30 years, Earth Day has been promoting progressive actions towards our environment, letting everyone from children to educators to the average person know about what's going on, and how to help the problems of our Earth come to a screeching halt.

This day, a lot of people are doing many things different, but I will continue doing exactly what I've been doing to be green and environmentally aware, plus a little more. I post on this blog sharing my feelings, thoughts, and ideas about global warming, being green, and caring for our environment to get the word out to as many people as possible. Today, I will try to avoid having unnecessary equipment turned on even more, like my speakers, and so forth.

Remember, people! Shower efficiently, shut the water flow when brushing, flush as less as possible, shut unnecessary lights off, switch to CFL bulbs, avoid stand-by mode on electronics, and look out for energy star compliant products. Bonus: Walk if you can. Cycle if you can't. Use public transport if you can't cycle. Save on gas & money all while reducing your carbon footprint.