Baby Grand PianoLately, I've been listening to classical music. I've always found this type of music to be very relaxing, and emotionally powerful. There are definitely some amazing works from composers that most people have heard of. Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Haydn, and Chopin have all captured my heart in both similar and unique ways.

Because of my attraction to classical music even from a young age, I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano. Some of the greatest works of music have been composed and delivered on the piano, and I would love to learn and appreciate this master tool as best as I can. I don't plan on becoming an amazing player, but I want to develop a kind of comfort with this instrument so that I can be comfortable playing beautiful music, and maybe at some point, creating my own.

My interest in classical music started when I was very young and used to listen to my Mother play on the piano. I tried learning at one point, but due to certain circumstances, it didn't turn out well. I honestly hope that this turns out to be some kind of a "hidden skill" as I really do want to be able to play. These days, YouTube pretty much has everything I like listening to. One thing I find cool in particular is people's own interpretations of some compositions.