Toilet Paper RollHave you ever wondered why so many different types of toilet paper exist? Well, I definitely have, and it bothers me, to an extent. There are soft ones that are quite comfortable to use, and there are really thin and rough ones that can rip a new hole on your behind!

We have Charmin, Cottonelle, Quilted Northern, Scott, and a whole bunch of others probably not worth mentioning. I just don't understand who is fine with having really thin toilet paper where you have to use twice the amount anyway for it not to fall apart in your hands.

If you've noticed, public restrooms use EXTRA THIN toilet paper that are also a lot narrower than what we usually use. Imagine the discomfort and anxiety this causes to those who have trouble with such toilet paper. There have been some health related issues that I've heard about such as the lint from the toilet paper not being healthy for some reason.

Personally, I prefer to "be kind to my behind," so Cottonelle gets my vote - though Charmin and Quilted Northern are good too. I imagine that for all those that are lazy (1000 sheets!) and are concerned with the lint, prefer the Scott brand. I guess there can't ever be that "one" brand that's just right for everyone. What do you guys prefer, and why?