Alarm Clock - Time to wake up!Don't you hate it when you wake up in the morning and nothing is working out for you? Things not in place, no hair jell, books to pack, lack of new cloths to wear, etc. These are the things that most people usually go through on a tough morning. Today wasn't a good day for me at all.

To start off, I didn't even sleep properly. I would sporadically wake up every hour for about 6 hours with different dreams each time. I usually remember my dreams but I was so disoriented when I woke up, nothing stuck in my head! That sucks because I like to recall my dreams throughout the day and try to figure them out and such.

This morning I had Photography class and absolutely nothing was packed and ready. I had to print out an assignment with a bunch of photos, get my class notebook ready, and prepare my camera and tripod. So yes, I went to class without my notebook. For another class of mine, I ended up not really being prepared because I was supposed to have something completed that I thought wasn't due until a later date. More after the jump...

Basically, I forgot a lot of things today which threw me off quite a lot. I realized I am not doing well in photography class because I just never seem to get to doing my work appropriately and on time. My other class, which was packaging design, was much better simply because the professor is just awesome. He understands the difficulties and problems the students face when it comes to getting the work done of such magnitude. I did manage to get most of the work done for the class, though - which was to come up with roughly 40 sketches of of logos for 4 different companies/brands. That's always fun!

I can honestly say that I'm disappointed in myself for not being more coordinated. From this point on, I will try to avoid it from happening again as much as I can. Every night, I will make a written list for me to go over when I wake up, so instead of trying to think right when I open my eyes, I can concentrate on actually waking up!

Here are some things you should try to maintain order and avoid bad mornings:

  1. Make a checklist of things that need to be done before starting your day.
  2. Pack all of your things accordingly, and prepare the day's clothings in a near manner so you don't go hunting for things to wear at the worst possible time!
  3. Go to sleep on time! Notice how I didn't say "early." The reason why I said this is because if you don't need to sleep early in the night, then don't! Just make sure you get enough rest for the day's adventure. Now, be careful! Don't go taking this idea for granted. It's wise to always give yourself extra time to rest for the following morning.
  4. Have several alarms. One alarm just doesn't seem to work for a good majority of the people I know. If your alarm clock/device supports multiple alarm times, then use it! Be sure to set intervals that you're going to be comfortable with, such as every 15 minutes (which is what I do). This way you can wake up slowly which is better than frantically jumping out of bed due to lateness.

From today's frustrations, I've decided to come up with some additions to my current calendaring and management patterns. I am going to post weekly calendars on my wall telling me everything that needs to be done for that day, including recurring events. The reason this came to me is because I often forget that I have to participate in an online discussion board for one of my classes in school - which I've missed a few times already.

It's these types of minor things that have the most effect when it comes to normalizing yourself lifestyle with recurring events, due dates, deadlines, reminders, and etc. I've talked about having goals and keeping a calendar in general, so I again, I would highly recommend it. Giving yourself weekly and/or monthly goals to track and insure progress whatever you're working on is very important.

Staying organized in these matters has a more positive effect towards staying calm when wakinp up in the morning! The reason why things go wrong is due to panic and being nervous about being late or forgetting something, and so on. I hope to avoid this more in my daily life, and I hope you do the same!