Amazon.comI recently ordered a Garmin navigation system and apparently something was wrong, so we had Amazon send us a new one. This was achieved all online in less than 10 minutes, without making a single phone call. I got an email response early in less than a day saying that they will be sending out a new unit as soon as possible with One-Day Shipping.

So then it was time for me to print the shipping label so the defective unit could be sent back, but that link was expired for some reason. In their email, they have this thing that asks if all of your questions were resolved. If you click no, it takes you to a page where you can either have Amazon call you, or you can contact them via email. More after the jump...

I chose the "call me" feature, and without question, I got an automated call within seconds! I was connected to a representative in about 2 minutes (maybe I got luck because it's Sunday morning 3:40AM). I told the guy my issue, he acknowledged my case, and told me exactly what to do and made arrangements for UPS to come and pick up the package.

Now, I don't have prior experience with's customer service department, but this definitely boosted my confidence in the company. I will most definitely be purchasing things from them in the near future. Plus, I probably got lucky with being quickly connected to a representative due to the time of the phone call.

Other companies should learn from Amazon! Happy customer = Happy company, because they get more of our money. Two thumbs up!

Does anybody else have positive experiences with, or did I just get lucky