Most people, if not everyone, procrastinates at some point and at some level. Personally, I think I get it pretty bad myself, and I'm definitely not okay with it. I have too many endeavors and goals that I need to meet to procrastinate, and I'm sure everyone else does too. There are things people can do to increase productivity and never have to miss deadlines and such because of it.

Procrastination is like an addictive drug; once you get a hang of it and start getting comfortable, it's very hard to lose the habit. There are many bright people out there that have minds of gold, but this just gets the worst of all of us. Positive and negative influences are all around us. Work, family members, and even food and media effect us all!

Nobody likes being weak, so what should one do to get off their rear-end and soar towards success? More after the jump...

  1. I usually leave this for last, but strong will is most important. You must have the desire to grow yourself and achieve new milestones. Sources of motivation can be found everywhere; family, historical figures, books, and even science fiction!
  2. "Know thyself," said Plato, and he couldn't be more right. A lot of times, people don't know what they want. Albeit being a long process, one should take some time and figure things out. Whether it's knowing what career path to choose, or where to live the rest of your life, decisions need to be made, or at least thought about. Knowing what you are like and what you want in life will prepare you for the future, and save you precious time when you need it the most.
  3. Organize. Rearrange. Plan. The best way to start off making the big change is by fixing up your home and workspace. Too many people actually have very messy desks, and are often unorganized. Sitting down and coming up with a strategy to stay consistent with cleanness and organization will help a lot, especially for those with very limited space (such as myself).Having a clean workspace keeps your mind at ease not only because it looks great, but you would rarely have to look for things anymore. Also, get rid of unneeded junk, clean up the surroundings (furniture, etc.), and replace your curtains with a translucent set to let lots of light in!
  4. Keep a plan book/calendar with you (digitally, or printed). When you're constantly dealing with meetings, due dates, and quick to-dos, your best bet is doing so. My iPhone does a great job at storing all my notes and handling all of my calendar events.
  5. This one is optional, but if you're picky about the things you want to achieve, and would like to keep track of things, keep a journal! It doesn't have to be a blog, or be online at all - it could be a small notebook you keep under your pillow to write in every night. This helps summing up your daily/weekly actions, and helps your determine what you need to do next.

Remember, keeping a very well lit room will help you stay awake and direct your attention towards the things that need to be done. If your furniture is awkwardly set up, consider rearranging a few things just like your desk. Everything could always use a little improvement. With a little journal, you may very well document your steps towards a progressive lifestyle.

Results come from taking action. A smile stays on by staying consistent. Work gets done and all stays well by making the best of what's available to you. It's not easy to defeat procrastination, but we all have to start somewhere. Success starts from within - once you reach this state, the rest is a cakewalk down the park.

With the limited tasks and advice I can offer, in the end, the individual himself is responsible for staying strong and excelling in life. The foundation is there... Now build on it!