Lately, I've been thinking a lot about traveling, and living by it. Imagine having no permanent home, living as a modern nomad - that would be pretty scary and exciting at the same time! Having no permanent job/source of income and shelter can be quite the challenge for many, and I don't think many have the guts to go for something like this.

One type of person that I could see doing this is a Photographer. Traveling and experiencing every corner of the Earth, while capturing beauty, style, culture, nature, and more. There are also different types of "traveling" people where instead of never having a permanent home, they reside in homes for short periods of time. This could be due to having a job that requires a lot of relocating, or if this person just can't stand being in a single environment for a long time. More after the jump...

Personally, I want to be the latter kind, to a point. I want to have a job/source of income that'll allow me enough time on a year's basis for me to travel to multiple places, and get enough "off time" while doing so. Photography is a growing hobby of mine  of which I plan to take with me everywhere I go, and form a portfolio or library of beautiful and fascinating pictures.

Some places that I want to visit include Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Alaska, South America, and more! I want to learn and document about all the places I visit, sharing my experience with the world, both through writing and photography (and/or videography). I want to be able to explore all these places an learn about their lifestyles, architecture, technology, and everything else that interests me in between.

It would be extremely difficult for me to dedicate my life solely to traveling and being nomad and all, but I will definitely be doing a good deal of it as time goes on. This year, I hope to visit at least a couple of countries whether it's by flying or going on a cruise. My passion for graphic design and creativity will stay with me no matter where I go, and for how long. I think that through proper planning and organization, I'd be able to work remotely and receive an income wherever I am, as I'm traveling. This may be a task of a lifetime to achieve, but it's definitely possible.

It is my personal belief that traveling and experiencing the world that's out there opens one's eyes and changes the person down the last blood cell. Everything that has ever been taken for granted - smashed. Ideas and superstitions about other cultures - vanished. New respect for humanity - learned. A whole new person - born.