Well, I've finally made the plunge yesterday and went to the gym in the morning with a friend of mine. We did a couple of miles on the treadmill and the bikes just to get warmed up, and then we practiced some Jiu-Jitsu moves since we've both really into MMA (mixed martial arts) and stuff. It was kind of strange since we practicing on the mats where people usually stretch, but it was awesome nonetheless.

I'm definitely going back tonight after I get back from class! I miss the feeling of being in shape, and feeling strong and confident about myself. This has been a part of the 2008 resolution, so it's one more thing I can scratch off my list, but I must stay consistent! Must not get lazy and give up! More after the jump...

So, it has turned out that I'm going to have to send out my EOS 40D to Canon for some minor repairs. It looks like the little spongy grip that the shutter mirror bounces against when it's released is a little loose, and it shows partly in the viewfinder as a soft black blur on the top edge. It doesn't effect the exposures at all, though, so that's great!

I also have a Logitech MX Revolution mouse that I have to send out to get a new one as well, since the scroll wheel came out to be defective. It's not drastically bad or anything, but it's annoying and uncomfortable, just like that little issue with my camera.

So yea! Last night I also watched the two new episodes of the 4th season of LOST, which was pretty awesome. Lots of things are being answered, but damn it, more and more questions are developing! They're showing scenes of them still being on the Island, while jumping back periodically to the characters lives after being rescued, etc. Lets just say that, everyone is having A LOT of issues. Haha.