Tesla Motors - Creators of the 100% Electric Luxury VehicleTesla Motors is that company that you've been hearing about for the longest time. You know, the guys making the first luxury electric sports car that's right on par with the other big boy toys. Well, wait no more! They are set to begin production of the P1 Roadster in mid-march, and go full force later in the year. Although this car is not targeted to the general demographic, they're reservations are booked for until 2009.

I haven't yet mentioned it, but this is an electric sports car, people! It outputs zero emissions as you accelerate from 0 to 60mph, with a top speed of 125mph (which you should never be hitting unless under professional supervision), unless you count the fumes of the burning rubber! This is most definitely a luxury item and not something that the typical Joe who wants to get a Prius can afford. The technology put into the Tesla Roadster is highly advanced, innovative, and should be made mainstream for "every-day" automobiles. Now, this is definitely a bold statement, but it's more than possible! More after the jump...

Green technology has steadily been on the rise, but clearly, it's not fast enough. Companies, Governments, and People in general still need to be encouraged to act so the transition to carbon-free transportation speeds up, and becomes more seamless. It's not like huge corporations don't have enough money to invest in alternatively powered automobiles rather it'd be electric, hybrid, hydrogen, or ethanol powered! What needs to happen is that laws need to be passed that will restrict development of these fossil fuel burning machines. The United States is still the only country in the world that hasn't ratified the Kyoto treaty, and even if that were to happen, more would still have to be done to start making a difference that we can see.

The potential of this market can be huge, but companies out there need to realize it. Don't you think that if people can just as easily purchase environmentally friendly cars, electronics, and etc., they would do so in a breeze? Okay, okay...you might have the few that will never want to give up their 10mpg 1987 Supercharged SUVs, but a majority WILL want to purchase green automobiles. Who in their right mind doesn't want to save money on gas, lessen the amount of trips to the gas pump, and feel good driving around knowing that they're making a difference!

I am a strong believer of the idea that humans WANT to do good things, but when these "things" are not convenient enough, they get all lazy and whiny about it all. This is why I think that it is the responsibility of large companies and governments - they are the ones that can make it all happen to begin with. Now, I'm no business man, but should I force myself to believe that these big guys just don't care, or are they also lazy like the rest of us?

I have seen and read stories about the human race in the future. The stories that describe and show how we as humans have developed ourselves as an advanced civilization. Everything from unbelievable technological milestones, a flourishing and healthy environment, as well as a more peaceful race. You know, most people may think that this is a fantasy of a few minds, but a couple of hundred years from now, these fantasies will surpass reality and become every day life. I say this because I hold faith in us, and that we can and will learn to work together for the better. As Al Gore says, I just want our future generations to look back at us and be proud of what were able to achieve, not have them disgusted at us because we were too weak and stupid to act.

Who in their right mind would have ever thought a century or two ago, that we as humans would have come so far as we have today? The future is still ahead of us.