To start off this entry, I will ask you this question: When you are working on something, whether it be a goal, or project of some sort, or even yourself as a person, do you try to be perfect or excellent?

This idea which was first introduced to me by my English professor 2 semesters ago, has been of particular interest to me as I have been talking with close friends of mine regarding self development, goals, and the future. There are many people in this world that, when trying to do things, they try to do it as perfectly as possible. This usually leads to unnecessary time being wasted, instead of properly progressing through the task, but this is pretty relative to the individual. There's no saying that it's a crime to always try to do things perfectly, but I believe that it would make it so much easier and less stressful to achieve a state where you are totally satisfied, rather than worrying about every last minuscule detail. More after the jump...

Some Entrepreneurs may disagree with the idea of not trying to achieve perfection, but what most people fail to realize is that most tasks can be done without so. Now, what does "excellence" mean, exactly? Excellence means that when you're progressing through your task/goal, you gradually check off to-do items as soon as each is acceptable until you are finished. A lot of the times, when one is working on a project, the intentions of perfection are unknown to the end user. What this means is that you can technically get away with doing something well enough to make it easily acceptable by the viewers/users. The precious time of trying to make something perfect can be used to progress through another task. This, at times, is more important than the perfection of a single task.

This idea can also be applied to someone when it comes down to self-improvement. I don't believe anyone should try to be or become perfect at anything, because, in reality, we are all too different to prove anything to one another. The mind is at a healthier state when it is not trying to compete with others, and primarily, with itself. From experience, it's much less stressful when you believe in yourself and the way you are, and not try to perfection because you believe you should be better than others. Superiority is an unfortunate human characteristic, and we have to learn to tame it, even if you are miles better at something (or everything!) than someone else. I've been lead to believe that it does more damage than good, unless you learn to turn it into a positive energy and make it so it's easy and seamless for people to look up to you.

Be calm when you're proving a statement. Be sincere and have an open ear to those also have something to say. Sharing ideas and communicating thoughts is an awesome way to develop bonds, and grow closer relationships. The more people communicate, the more their horizons will expand and learn to accept things and people the way they are.

It has never been said that you have to play a dominant character (and possibly hurt people) in order to excel in life, whether it'd be in a business, in school, or in anything.