Hello! First, I would like to introduce myself; My name is Lasha Krikheli, and this is my first "real" blog on the internet. I have been blogging on and off periodically for the last 4 years. This, as many may figure, is my first attempt at creating a custom WordPress theme. If you find any bugs or errors, please let me know!

I am a Graphic Designer, amongst many other things by nature. I am passionate about photography, traveling, technology, and the future! I have recently become an environmentalist, and I love hearing about and promoting anything "green." After many days of research and reading, I have come to the conclusion that our planet is in trouble, and our civilization is at stake. As humans, being the dominant species on our beloved land we call "Earth," seriously need to get our act together and change the way we live!

As a child, I was always fascinated by new technology, different cultures, travel, beautiful buildings, and more! This blog has been "in production" for the last 2 years, and I have finally managed to bring the first incarnation of One Fused Life....to life. 🙂

One Fused Life.... You may be wondering what the heck this means, but it's quite simple. Since I couldn't decide on a single topic to write my blog about, I decided to write about everything! Everything from photoshop and current events, to productivity and green technology will be covered. The idea of taking all topics and fusing them into one, makes a damn interesting life!

What to expect:

  • A plethora of new projects and endeavors!
  • Tips, Tutorials, and How-To's on a regular basis (Photoshop, etc).
  • Insights on Photography, Travel, Productivity, Green Life, Current Events, & more!
  • Dedication and loyalty towards my readers.

So, with that said, I leave you with the following:
Join me on this adventure of knowledge, and together we will learn, grow, and discover new things, all while having fun doing so.